Our Mission


We are passionate about riding, food, wine and culture. It is not just a matter of the best rides, but also realizing cycling dreams within the best vacations. We love this way of life, riding in Nature. It is true passion. But what we like the most is the cultural interchange that happens. Riders feel like at a friend’s home. Bikes are foundations of many friendships; this is what makes it more than it would first appear.


We love cycling in the region located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea where you can experience a unique blend of Catalan, French and Spanish cultures, as well as some of the most stunning natural environment through itineraries surrounded by the local's culture. Most of the rides go along natural protected areas where Nature shows all its attributes. We believe nature is there to be enjoyed as well as nurtured and respected.


Whether it is a mountain or a road bike, we at Mtb Dreams arrange all transfers (shuttles) and accommodation services, and offer customized guided or self-guided biking experiences. Mtb Dreams holidays are structured around you, the guest. Our cycling adventures are completely customizable: Add uplifted meters, extra hard miles, massage therapists, spa sessions, or a private chef and we will set it up. Make your Enduro, Cross-country, Ciclocross or Road cycling dreamed vacations happen tailored to your needs. If you are a group of 5 or more riders we can provide you with your own lodge, guide, routes, vehicle support and customise the riding level and choice of tracks. Or if you are coming on your own and perhaps just starting out or have only been riding for a few years we can offer you excellent coaching which will provide you with the skills required to tackle any terrain.


Our playground allows us to offer our trips all-year round

  • All along the itineraries with a mechanic, spare bikes and parts to fix any issue that may come up during the ride, and also carrying any equipment that you may desire to have at hand.
  • The Catalan cuisine is breaking stereotypes keeping the inner value from its wide range of local game and dishes. Enjoying the Mediterranean healthy dishes is the best way to recover after the bike efforts, but not in regional tourist restaurant, but local cuisine not found in the guidebooks. There is a big difference. It has one of the highest concentrations of master chefs in Spain, not to mention superb, locally produced wines…
  • A cyclist has so much more to earn when travelling with locals. Our trips are unique, a real opportunity to live and discover the local beat from the inside. We like to share with you the inside knowledge of the places we visit. You’ll immerse yourself in a world most visitors never even know exists.
  • Our rider is to be constantly active, and they like to experience the world this way. When it is most authentic or real. We are part of the world when cycling. The riding is spirited and challenging without ever degrading into a death march or a boring day spent logging miles amid traffic or fireroads just to reach the next destination. It just feels good.
  • We do believe that the bike is the link between you and the ride, and we offer you rental bikes that will be set up according to your measurements. Enduro bikes, XC full suspension as well as hard tailed, Carbon and alu Road bikes.

Combining those elements, we tailor a gourmet tour in south Catalonia wineyards, an enduro escape to the Pyrenees mountains and some of the greatest vacation that will make you return and return again. Are you up for a ride?